Why us?


Since TYDO was founded 2010, the organization succeeded securing funds from various donors including Individuals, Charities, and Companies. We are grateful to ASAS Diaries Tanzania Limited, LAPF Social Fund, Loutish Enterprises Limited, SSF Company Limited, TYDO Board Of Directors for unwavering support to our work. Their contribution / Funds / Donations have  assisted the organization in implementing various projects and running operations at different levels as described below.


Project Title: Raising Public awareness on                         Compensation Rights For Victim Of Accidents (Phase 1)


Project Location: Dar - Tunduma Highway ( Dar es salaam,                                          Morogoro, Iringa, Njombe & Mbeya)

Duration: 6 Months


Target Group: Road Users


Participants No: 11,600


Road accidents crisis is increasingly becoming a threat to public health and national development in many developing nations, Tanzania is no exception. Road traffic accidents contribute to poverty by causing death, injuries, disabilities, grief, lost of productivity, and material damages.

As per Tanzania insurance laws, Third party is entitled to compensation by  insurance entities in case of an accident which resulted to body injury or death of person on public roads.

The law in Tanzania requires all private vehicles to have a third party insurance.  Third party insurance covers passengers, pedestrians, cyclist and other road users; it offers compensation for the losses the victim suffered due to the accidents. 


Most of these Tanzanians whom are reported injured (seriously or slightly) or killed are passengers, pedestrians, cyclist and other road users. Accident victims are entitled to compensation, the insurance companies are suppose to compensate the victims due to the losses and cost incurred as a result of the accident.  The situation is quite contrary; most of the victims are not compensated.


Reports issued by Tanzania Insurance Commission confirms that, few people are making claims against third party insurance. Insurance companies are just pocketing most of this “ free money”  


TYDO was the first organization of its kind in Tanzania to raise awareness to Road Traffic accidents victims in claiming their rights. TYDO took initiative to voice out the concern of all accident victims in Dar es salaam, Morogoro, Iringa and Mbeya Regions through following Methodology;

  • Workshops conducted for drivers and police officers sensitizing on third party insurance.
  • Legal Aid to Victims of Accidents (Through Legal Clinics)
  • Preparation manuals that will be used to sensitize drivers and road users
  • Conduct sensitazation programs through Local Radio Stations
  • Establish direct link between accidents victims with Local police help desks

Program : Blood Donation Campaign At St. Fransico Referral Hospital At Ifakara


Program Location: Ifakara (Morogoro Region)


Target Group: Ifakara Communities


Participation No: 1360


Tanzania faces acute shortages in the national blood bank due to poor collection. National statistics indicate that 80 per cent of the 832 deaths in every 100,000 Tanzanian mothers that occur every year are caused by lack of blood. The country still falls short of the 500,000 litres of blood the country needs annually.


In light of the issue, TYDO launched blood donation campaign with  following objectives:


  • To Increase the number of individuals whom consistently donate blood by motivating individuals, target groups and the community at large by enhancing, facilitating and promoting the bilateral relationship between voluntary blood donors and the National Transfusion Service (NTBS) and thus strengthen the blood program in Tanzania.
  • Educate the general public on issues connected with safe blood donation and the vital role which blood has in saving lives.
  • Motivate young generation, especially secondary school students; colleges, universities and postgraduate level students, to donate blood on voluntary basis regularly and promote the concept of blood donation to pupils who will be future donors.
  • To take necessary steps for growing consciousness among people about blood donation and also for eradicating any obstacle to voluntary blood donation through informing people about blood donation related facts, free blood group testing, workshop, protest trading of professional blood donors and commercial blood banks etc.


Campaign was initially dedicated to ST. FRANSICO REFERRAL HOSPITAL AT IFAKARA which is located about 400 km from capital city Dar es salaam. According to National Transfusion Service (NTS) ST. Fransisco hospital recorded the worst blood bank reserve averaging 20 litres per Day fallling short of daily minimum requirement which 200 litres.


The hospital is the heatlh services backbone to more than 3 regions i.e Iringa, Morogoro and Mbeya due to its status as referral hospital. Such fact led to high numbers of patients needing blood transfusion  such as mothers, accidents victims etc


Campaign was successfully reaching a Goal of 500 litres of blood from various volunteers around Ifakara area. TYDO objectives on a campaign were met 100% due to dedicated staff work sensitizing the issue to local communities which guaranteed the hospital with sustainable blood donations.



Program Location: 10 Km Walk


Target Group: Temeke, Ilala and Kinondoni Residents


Participants: Est. 100,000


Erroneous beliefs and superstitions have put the safety and lives of people with albinism at risk, including from killings, abductions, and mutilations. Societal attitudes about albinism are not changing, and people with albinism continue to be at risk of attacks with some children being abducted and sold by family members.

According to a report by the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, a complete set of Albino body parts – including all four limbs, genitals, ears, tongue and nose – can fetch up to $75,000.

Albinos are dragged from their homes, abducted and brutally murdered for their body parts. Even after death, their bodies are subjected to grave robberies, with their bones stolen and sold for muthi concoctions and rituals. These attacks include mutilation, violence and cases of asylum-seeking.

The shocking surge in killings of people with albinism has elevated serious concerns across the country, especially in Lake Zone regions. With mostly Dar Es Salaam tainted by reports of those who have disappeared without a trace, a continuous campaign to conduct a war against these barbaric slayings was launched.

Project Title: Economic Empowered Community  


Project Location: Dodoma, Tanga & Singida


Duration: On Going


Target Group: Small Microfinance Organizations


Participated No: 75 Organizations


TYDO launched a project known as "Economic Empowered Community" which focused on various ways to positively impact community on economic means through sustaibable strategies which will be youth led.


To cover and reach large number TYDO cultivate innovative means to implement the project in various phase starting with small microfinance organizations knows as SMO Theme. 


Project covered Dodoma, Tanga and Singida regions respectively focused on SMO averaging 30 to 100 members each. 


Specific Project Objectives;


  • Creatively analyze the business environment, opportunity recognition, and the business idea-generation process.
  • Recognize the importance of entrepreneurship and identify the profile of entrepreneurs and their role in economic growth;
  • Use the entrepreneurial mind-set and behave responsibly and ethically in their roles as entrepreneurs.
  • Understand the many ways in which entrepreneurship can manifests itself in different walks of life;
  • Improving interpersonal relationships, team work, money management and public speaking skills
  • Bussiness Proposal Drafting
  • Loan Accessing strategies 
  • Handling of financial responsibilities within bussiness network
  • Information sharing on bussiness opportunities
  • Market Accessing Strategies

Project Title: Youth Role in National Security


Project Location: Tanga & Mwanza


Target Group: Youth

Duration: 1 Year


Participated No: 8214


Deteriorateing Global Security concerns in recent years have become more realistic threat to human progress. Internal & cross border  conflicts, religious radicalism, goverments brutality against democracy, wild poaching, terrorism etc. These threats pose a serious setback to global security Tanzania is no exception.


As an entity responsible for community safety, TYDO initiate approach in sensitizing youth around the country on their role in combating threats which already showed negative impacts on Tanzania national security in various regions such as Tanga and Dodoma.


The project aimed to engage participants in the formulation, planning and implementation of local and national initiatives related to peace, security and human rights.

Specific  Project Objectives

  • Sensitize participants on peace, security and human rights.
  • Assisting the establishment of the youth ambassadors so as to enhance partnerships, information-sharing and cooperation among youth and other public institutions
  • To strengthen the role of young people in identifying and speaking up against human rights violations, including discrimination, hate speech and those human rights violations affecting especially young people and children.
  • To promote the presence and the role of young people as positive actors of change in peace-building processes
  • Facilitate the establishment of platforms for cross-cultural and interfaith dialogue among youth from different social, political and religious backgrounds; 
  • Create a culture of tolerance through which social, political or religious opinions, similarities and differences could be expressed, discussed and appreciated in peaceful ways. 

The ‘Stop Albino Killings ‘campaign is spearheaded by TYDO with other stakeholder aimed to fulfill following objectives;

  • It aims to dismiss myths about albinos.

  • Bring to justice the perpetrators of albinism-related crimes

  • Government must do more to provide effective protections for people with albinism. Protect their right to life and right to personal security, in accordance with Malawi’s international human rights obligations and commitments.

  • Government increasing resources to police  in order to adequately and thoroughly investigate crimes related to albinism

  • Tackle the harmful superstitious beliefs perpetuating the targeting of people with albinism.




A Word

We believe much need work is needed to create a sustanaibale community where everybody playes her/his role. TYDO will continue to provide a platform where every individual will maxmize his/ her potential to a greater good for all.

Adv. E.Fyandomo

Secretary General TYDO